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Could BT Use Freeview to Land TV Rights?

The negotiations for the rights to televise English cricket from 2020 to 2024 have been a source of much discussion ever since the ECB unveiled it’s proposal to stage a new city based T20 competition, with English cricket’s governing bodies hoping to raising more than £1 billion from those TV rights.

With multiple interested parties, and a range of rights packages on offer, the kind of bidding war the ECB needs to hit that figure is possible – with one major player catching more than a few curious glances from fans, writers and administrators: BT.

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English Cricket Takes Its ‘Leap of Faith’

ECB Chief Executive Office Tom Harrison used the term ‘leap of faith’ a little too often for some people’s liking when discussing the proposed changes to English domestic cricket during the past 18+ months.

Many were far from convinced the creation of a new T20 ‘super league’, based around city franchises, was right for the English game. But none the less Harrison, and the ECB, now have the green light to change the constitution and create this new tournament.

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“We’re Talkin’ Softball”

Softball has been inextricably linked with baseball since its invention in 1887 – even acting as the inspiration for one of The Simpsons’ best ever episodes.

Now the ECB seeks to change that; though it’s attempts at doing so might be considered a little clumsy at this point.

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ECB Remain Tone Deaf on City Based T20

So it appears the ECB is still determined to drive through a city based T20 competition, despite the serious concerns of a number of counties and fans.

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Review: Death of a Gentleman

What would you do if something you loved seemed to be withering away before your very eyes? Would you try and do something about it? Or just tut, remember the good times and bid a sorrowful farewell?

When two journalists, Sam Collins and Jarrod Kimber, saw Test crickets place at top of the sport crumbling, they set off on a journey to try and determine whether the grand old lady really was suffering a slow death, or if the formats enduring nature would hold true.

Unbeknownst to Collins and Kimber when they set out, this journey would take them along a much more unsavoury path than they had ever anticipated. Through ivory towers and rotting foundations, Death of a Gentleman exposes serious question marks over the games direction, and who is driving it.

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