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Does The Hundred Simplify Anything?

One of the aims of The Hundred, we are told, is to ‘simplify’ cricket – to open the game up to those left bewildered by the mere mention of a googly, or confused by what fielding at silly mid-off means.

It’s a laudable aim. Cricket is indeed a strange beast to the uninitiated, something I can attest to having recently tried to explain the sport to a Russian colleague – but can The Hundred actually simplify the game?

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Is It a Joke If It’s a Good Idea?

The ICC attempted to join in with the new-age avalanche of corporate April Fools on Monday, but their #CricketNotAsYouKnowIt japes probably contained more good ideas than they’d originally intended.

Wrapped in a cloak of ‘Test cricket’, the ideas seem mad when we consider the lengths the sport goes to to keep the Test arena sacred.

Remove that cloak however, and the ICC may have unwittingly done their some market research.

Let’s ‘assess’ the jokes shall we:

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Making Sense Of The Nonsense

Whether you support the proposed new tournament or not, it is hard not to be flabbergasted by the way the ECB has handled the unveiling of ‘The Hundred’ during the past month.

English cricket’s governing body has lurched from one press conference to another, one ‘pivotal meeting’ to the next; leaving a trail of faces in palms and disbelieving shakes of the head in their wake.

Controversial from the get-go, domestic cricket has yet more threads to pull at when discussing this ‘bold’ new venture – with the dizzying way things unravel enough to send you mad if you let it.

Lets try and keep the madness at bay for a moment to address the key issues shall we:

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