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One Stump Short Podcast: Episode 10

ESPN Cricinfo’s George Dobell joins me on a brand new episode of the One Stump Short Podcast to discuss the ICC’s decision to shelve the proposed two-tier Test system.

We also discuss the future of Twenty20 cricket in England, media coverage and offer a little praise to a County Championship season which is set to go down to the wire

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ICC Prevent a ‘Japan Moment’ in Cricket

Japan’s victory over South Africa at the rugby World Cup yesterday highlighted so many brilliant aspects of sport. It’s unpredictability, it’s ability to bring people together in a moment, create a sense of pride, joy, disappointment.

A team with odds of 80-1, expected to lose heavily, toppled one of the best teams in the world. It’s the classic tale. The under dog story.

And everyone loves an underdog story.

But the way in which Japan fought for the victory was perhaps the most beautiful part; choosing to take on South Africa’s defence rather than settle for a penalty kick, which would have been enough to earn a draw. A very respectable result had already been secured, tears of pride were already flowing among their fans, but they went after victory. It could have cost them a point against a team some would fancy to win the tournament.

And they did it.

It was rugby’s Miracle on Ice moment. It was glorious. Breathtaking. Brilliant.

And we may never see its like in cricket.

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The Big Book of Bad Ideas: Winter Cricket

Cricket has flirted with good ideas tinged with madness many times before. Aluminium bats, coloured clothing, Allen Stanford. Heck, there was a time when 20 over cricket at the highest level seemed zany.

It is fair to say some of these ideas worked out better than others.

On the surface, a three match T20 tournament in the United States, featuring some of the sports biggest names, seems like one of these slightly mad ideas that might actual work. An ideal way to help promote the sport there. Until you realise two of the games will be played in New York and Chicago in November…

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Review: Death of a Gentleman

What would you do if something you loved seemed to be withering away before your very eyes? Would you try and do something about it? Or just tut, remember the good times and bid a sorrowful farewell?

When two journalists, Sam Collins and Jarrod Kimber, saw Test crickets place at top of the sport crumbling, they set off on a journey to try and determine whether the grand old lady really was suffering a slow death, or if the formats enduring nature would hold true.

Unbeknownst to Collins and Kimber when they set out, this journey would take them along a much more unsavoury path than they had ever anticipated. Through ivory towers and rotting foundations, Death of a Gentleman exposes serious question marks over the games direction, and who is driving it.

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Death of a Gentleman

Produced and directed by Sam Collins, Jarrod Kimber, Christopher Hird and Johnny Blank; Death of a Gentleman follows Collins and Australian counterpart Kimber on a quest to save their beloved Test cricket. But what begins as an exploration based around the question ‘Who really cares about Test cricket?’ in the 21st Century becomes a chilling expose of the motivations of those in charge of the sport at the highest levels.

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