Podcast Honours Board

The One Stump Short Podcast has been blessed with many fine guests since it’s maiden episode, and we wanted to honour those have helped support and improve the show by giving up their time to discuss cricket’s burning issues.

In one of cricket’s truest traditions, we’ve decided to do so by listing them on a ‘board’:

Peter Miller (@TheCricketGeek) – Episode 5 and Episode 6

Jarrod Kimber (@ajarrodkimber) – Episode 7

Matt Davies (@MattDavies_NP) – Episode 8

Dan Liebke (@LiebCricket) – Episode 9

George Dobell (@GeorgeDobell1) – Episode 10

Will Macpherson (@willis_macp) – Episode 11

Vithushan Ehantharajah (@Vitu_E) – Episode 12

Adam Collins (@CollinsAdam) – Episode 13

Paul Nixon (@Paulnico199) – Episode 14

Daniel Norcross (@NorcrossCricket) – Episode 15 and Episode 19

Isabelle Westbury (@IzzyWestbury) – Episode 17

Tim Wigmore (@TimWig) – Episode 18

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