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Play Will Resume At 1.40PM…

After an ‘extended tea break’, One Stump Short returns ahead of the new County cricket season, with Essex out to retain their title, Warwickshire and Middlesex looking to bounce back and the standard hand wringing over what to do with the limited overs game in England.

To mark our return to the crease, we’ve worked with cricket’s favourite number to produce a lovely little recap of six of the biggest stories we missed while we were eating Ginster’s pasties and complaining how cold it was:

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Winter Tour True Test Of New England

England have regained The Ashes, given the old enemy a hiding and embraced a new, adventurous form of cricket previously only reserved for upstart nations like New Zealand and players from the Caribbean. It is only a matter of time before England are the number one ranked side in world cricket again.

Or at least, that’s what you might think were you to get as swept up in England’s Ashes success as some seem to have been.

Beating Australia, home or away, will always trigger celebration. Large swathes of England’s fan base remember the near 15 year monopoly Australia had on the urn, and so any success against this mighty opponent will be met with rapture.

But England’s mastery of home conditions was surpassed by Australia’s inability to get to grips with a squidgy Glamorgan track or a seaming pitch at Trent Bridge. Where Alistair Cook’s men turned up for three Tests, Australia only did so for one.

This isn’t to say it was ‘easy’ for England per se, but, conquering a capitulating opponent in favourable conditions is one thing, while this winter’s tours are quite another.

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